1. No automotive devices to be used
  2. Rafts to have no more than 4 people
  3. Rafts must have all team members on the raft when passing the finishing line
  4. No intentional contact with other rafts or racers while the race is in progress
  5. No alcohol to be consumed whilst on the water
  6. No bad language whilst on the water
  7. No physical violence
  8. All rafts must be constructed in the true spirit of rafting (i.e. no punts or flat bottom craft).
  9. All rafts will be scrutinised before being allowed to race
  10. Judges' decisions are final
  11. Anyone interfering or touching the 3 marker ropes that cross the lake will be disqualified
  12. Any non-swimmers are to make themselves known to the race starter before the race starts
  13. Life jackets or buoyancy aides are advised

All craft to be checked in at race control one hour before racing commences.

Any violation of these rules will result in disqualification from the race.

Races will be run over heats.